Cocavo Media Release

Tipped to be the hottest ticket item in the food sector this decade.  Cocavo, tagged as “The worlds Healthiest Coconut Oil blend,” is a careful combination of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil and Extra Virgin Avocado Oil.

It was designed by chefs to be the ultimate cooking oil giving you that extra 5% magic in every dish.

Apart from being lower in saturated fat than regular coconut oil, it has the health benefits of avocado oil plus all the cooking qualities of both oils.

The taste is very appealing and lends itself to a wide variety of cooking styles. Cocavo have launched their first two variants: Natural (for general cooking where a coconut flavour & aroma is desired), and Light (also for general cooking but with a mild buttery flavour without the aroma and taste of coconut), and will be introducing another three exciting variants: Red (with a mix of chili and lime oils), Gold (with Lemon Zest and Turmeric oils) and Green (with Cilantro / Coriander, Lime and Ginger).

General Manager Neville Montefiore says “we are not there to change the world, just help make food more enjoyable as most of us eat 3 times a day”.

Cocavo has a great taste that enhances food flavours whatever you are cooking and a little goes a long way, so its very economical.

Cocavo is set to reach full production by December with new packaging lines being installed just to meet the demand in the USA.

CalPure their US based distributor says interest has been overwhelming and has expanded their warehousing to accommodate demand.

Mr. Montefiore is clear about the company’s stance that all food should be consumed in moderation combined with an active lifestyle. We were developing a new process to make superior quality coconut oil and decided that we could also make a healthier option and this is where Cocavo was created. Cocavo will appeal to the health conscious who recognize the benefits of coconut and avocado oils. We see the range of flavours playing a big part of that creative chef we all have within.

We needed the product to make a statement on the shelves so enlisted the help of Apropos to come up with a winner. The label is bold and easy to remember.

The coconut oil is sourced from renewable plantations in the South Pacific and the avocado oil from New Zealand and AvoPacific in California. Chris Nathan, co-founder of Cocavo recently helped commission the Californian avocado oil plant that has been working 24 hours per day just to meet demand.

Cocavo also has plans for a revolutionary new process to make Extra Virgin Coconut Oil, in less than one hour from start to finish, processing an estimated 5,000kg of Coconuts per hour.